The webinar topics i have prepared so far are as follows:

Time Scene and Variables In this webinar i talk you through about variables and how to use them. Where we would use them.
The second part talks about how to create the universal time scene and how we use it to make the Home Center 2 more efficient and ensure reliability for all time based scenes.
Continous Motion Scene This talks about how we create a scene that keeps a light on for the duration of motion plus a specified time thereafter.
Alarm System This topic is a collection of scenes which i have created to give you a decent alarm system.
The scenes include Entry Delay, Alarm Activations and Notifications, Different Modes etc etc.
Different House Modes and Utility Scedules This section deals with how we can create a multi-mode system for your home eg Home, Away, Holidays etc etc
This will then help create scenes which automatically adjust to the different modes for heating, lighting, water cylinder heating, curtain timings etc
Misc Scenes This section deals with different sub sections of scenes. They are not big enough for a 2 hour session but i have split ino sub-categories:
  1. Random Number generator for random timings

  2. Telegram messaging for logging purposes

  3. Create and use simple Virtual Devices

  4. use of FUNCTIONS in scenes to help streamline code

Block Scenes Intro This section gives an introduction to block scenes and how to use. We start with notifications and variables and creating of a simple scene.
Block Scenes Alarm This section gives you an understanding and instructions on how to setup an Alarm scene using block code.

This list will be added to as i create new webinar topics and please free to use the Contact Us page to give some topics that you would like to be covered and i will endevour to create them and add them to the programme.
The following is a list of dates and times for the programmes. Please check and click through whichever webinar you would like to attend, and that will take you to the registration page and payment screens.

Terms & Conditions

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  2. All webinars must be paid for at the time of registration.
  3. Free cancellation with full refund with at least 24 hours notice. Please email if you need to do this. Please also state reason (just for information only.)
  4. No refund will be issued if less than 24 hours notice is given.
  5. No data is collected during registration, it is purely for sending out your receipts and webinar entry codes and adding your name to the register. Once webinar complete all data is deleted.
  6. You must ensure that your PC meets the requirements to access the webinar eg procesing power, graphics etc. You must ensure that the audio is setup so that you can hear me correctly and a microphone is available should you want to ask questions. A chat box is available if you do not want to speak. Video is not required for these webinars.
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