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Heating Systems

We have worked on different heating systems to make them smart. It doesnt matter if you have a combi-boiler or a system boiler and a water tank. We can make either of these systems smart and save money and energy.

We provide simple heating solutions eg a single thermostat that is in one location - typically in a hallway, to more advanced solutions where we can control indiviual rooms!

We can also created different modes and have timings and temps set depending on what mode we are in, what season we are in, even set it to what month we are in. The possibilities are many.

Examples include:
  • Hive Thermosat
  • Nest Thermostat
  • Z-Wave Thermostats
  • Z-Wave TRV Valves

Below are a couple of completed works we have done:

Simple Heating

We replaced an existing non-smart thermostat to a smart thermostat. This meant that the heating system can then be scheduled to run at the times we specify and temperature set to the clients requirements.

We then programmed the system for weekdays and separate for weekends. We then created a holiday schedule so when the clients went away the heating came on as frost protection only and therefore not wasting energy by heating up an empty house.

Multi-Zonal Heating System

Our client has 2 zones of heating, ie upstairs and downstairs. We replaced them with Nest thermostats. The client also wanted to control the indiviual rooms as not all rooms are occupied all of the time. So we added in Z-Wave TRV to all the room radiators.

We then created simple Virtual Thermostats for each room so that the temp can be set for the rooms indivually. The code also accounted for any movement in the room with the already installed multi-sensors, (these measure temperature and motion), so combining all of these we created a heating system which only heated the rooms that actually needed heating!

This has saved both money and energy by only heating required rooms. The minimum temp set also allowed us to provide frost protection.

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Our client needed a good reliable security system that was also wireless as the house was decorated. He wanted a system so that he knew what was happening at the house and if the alarm ever was triggered.

We provided him with a smart alarm system. This allowed him to arm/disarm the alarm system using a mobile phone or tablet. He also opted for a keypad and keyfobs for the kids to make it easy for them. The system is not limited to 8 zones like a typical alarm system so he had doors, acessible windows and all rooms protected with sensors. We then created different modes for the different types of protection needed.
  • Full mode
    All room sensors, doors and windows were armed
  • Night Mode
    Just the downstairs areas and windows and doors were armed
  • Perimeter Mode
    This is where only doors and windows were armed but movement is allowed inside the house
So the system is versatile and can accomodate whatever you need to create the perfect security for you.

If an activation was to occur the system sends out a Push Notification and an Email to alert you. It informs you which sensor or sensors have been activated. A quick look on the app and you can see how long ago an sensor was breached and from there you can either contact the Police or if you believe its a false alarm then disarm the alarm and re-arm the system from wherever you are.

If you go on holiday temporary access can be granted to anyone who can look after your house whilst you are away.

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Our client already had an alarm system but wanted to supplement with a CCTV system. We then proceeded by adding in an 8 camera CCTV system complete with recorder.

The system was set up so that the recorder recorded on motion detection but also we allowed the Fibaro controller to see the images. This meant that if an alarm is ever triggered an image from each camera can be sent to your email as backup.

This way one image from each camera is sent to your email every 10 seconds for 2 mins. This ensured that we had both footage and stills for any potential investigation.

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Our client had a garden wall which had power already but there was no option to add switches. The garage was also some distance from the house so it wasnt feasible to keep going outside to turn on the lights.

This is where smart lighting came to the rescue. We were able to make these lights smart by controlling them using mobile phone. We made them even smarter by just putting them on a schedule so that the lights turned on automatically when it got dark and off again late at night.

This was better than the dawn to dusk sensors as the client didnt want to leave them on all night long wasting electricity and money.

Whilst we were there we also added dimming modules to the hallway spotlights, and now we control when they turn on and how bright they are.

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Curtains & Blinds

We had another client who went away a lot and needed some way of closing the curtains and blinds that she had. We managed to find a supplier of electric curtain rails and blinds and got them. Once they were installed we added them all to the controller.

The system was then programmed to open and close them depending on the time that was set in the system. Manually opening and closing was also possible using the switches that were installed or by using the mobile phone.

This gave peace of mind to the client as when she was away the blinds and curtains opened and closed automatically.

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Cinema Room

We had a client who wanted to make a cinema room but not spend tens of thousands of pounds. We had a look and came up with a design that was well received but importantly within the clients budget.

We added spot lights to ceiling aswell as ceiling speakers for the surround sound. A projector screen was also ceiling mounted. The sub-woofer and amplifier were put in each corner of the room. The coving went around the room which had RGBW strip lighting in to create an ambient light around the room. The curtains were then motorised to add to the effect.

The result was a simple button press started the movie activity which:
  • Closed the curtains
  • Turned off the lights
  • Turned on the RGBW strip light
  • Opened the screen
  • Turned on Projector
  • Turned on the Amplifier
  • Turned on the Media Player
The room was ready to play whatever movie we wanted in full HD picture and Tru-HD audio.

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