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A quick intro about Home Automation.....

Do you want to turn on the lights using a mobile phone?

Do you want to set right mood for a night in?

Do you want to turn on your heating from the airport on way home?

Well home automation can do this and a lot more.

We can help install solutions which can simulate occupancy when you are away, turn on the lights after sunset and even close the curtains!

I can go on and on but i thought it better to show you instead. Just click HERE to take you to my short video below for a demo of an actual installation.

Smart Home Products

Below are a few of the more common smart home modules that are popular at the moment. Please click on the pictures below to be taken to a much wider range of modules that are available. We can supply any modules at very comeptitive pricing and if needed offer a comprehensive installation service.

"Thumbnail Image 1

Fibaro Dimmer 2


Thumbnail Image 1

Fibaro Double Switch 2


Thumbnail Image 1

Fibaro Roller Shutter 2



Here are some of the things that we can do.


Heating Systems

Take control of your heating system and take control of your costs. We can provide a tailor made solution for your home. It doesn’t matter whether you have a combi boiler or a system boiler (with a hot water tank). Our solutions allow you to control the temperature and timings for your heating system, (and water if you have a tank).

Create separate timers for when you are at home, when its school days and when you are on holidays. Each timer activates when you want it to. Save money by not heating your home when you are out.

We can integrate the heating schedules with your alarm system. When you are out, the alarm is on so heating will remain off. This is just one of the programmable scenarios we can do.

Dont hesistate to contact us for a more customised design and price.


Lighting Solutions

Smart lighting solutions encompasses many things. Usually this means allowing you to turn your lights on and off using a mobile phone. The reality is bigger than this.

Control your lights from the light switch as normal, control your lights using your phone/tablet app. Use automated timers to control your lights aswell. This helps to improve security and shows that someone is at home.

We can automate many types of lights and most will be controllable from your traditional light switch.

We can add in multi-coloured spot lights, strip lighting aswell as the traditional bulbs or dimmable bulbs.

Dont hesistate to contact us for a more customised design and price.


Security Solutions

This is the area where automation really takes it that one step further. Not only we can combine your home alarm system, but we can integrate CCTV and security lighting in there aswell.

Use your phone to arm/disarm the alarm. Receive notifications if your alarm has activated and it tells you what sensor triggered the alarm. We can associate CCTV camera and therefore have pictures sent direct to your inbox should an alarm be triggered.

With security lighting normally one sensor triggers one light. With security automation we can change that and have any number of sensors can activate any number of lights. We can create different modes and integrate this with the alarm system aswell.

Dont hesistate to contact us for a more customised design and price.


Media Solutions

Automation can play a huge part in getting your media enjoyment in order. At a push of a button we can turn on the TV and any media device, adjust the lights and have your harmony remote control ready in the correct mode.

We can design and build your cinema room with all equipment eg TV, media amplifier, speakers etc

We can also provide a media server and media player all ready for you to enjoy.

Dont hesistate to contact us for a more customised design and price.

curtains and blinds

Curtains & Blinds

Automating curtains and blinds are now available to everyone on a reasonable budget. No longer is it for the celebrities and the super rich.

There are now modules available and choice of curtain motors and/or blind motors available to suit all tastes and designs.

Watch your curtains/blinds open/close at a touch of a button or if you are out automatically close at a scheduled time. This is all part of a comprehensive security system.

Dont hesistate to contact us for a more customised design and price.


Music Solutions

We can integrate a varierty of music systems as part of your installation. We can supply stand alone speakers to full house audio setup using central music streaming servers. The possibilities are limitless.

We have vast experience with Sonos Speaker systems and are authorised dealers.

Dont hesistate to contact us for a more customised design and price.


These are just a few of the services which are available from us.

lua code

LUA Programming Service

If you need some help in writing your scenes in LUA code then we can help.

Whether you need a single scene writing or the full home center 2 scenes written then we can certainly help.

By booking 1 hour or 2 hour sessions we can help in getting the full potential from your home automation system.

Contact me for booking availability.

security lighting

Security Lighting Solutions

We can create a bespoke security lighting system for you. This can comprise many different sensors, whether indoor or outdoor.

We can then programme them to turn off any light that you wish.

We can create different modes to give you options of the varying security lighting reuqirements for different times. eg. All lights on when you are away from home and just one light turning on when at home.

Contact us to create your own security lighting system.

condition reports

Electrical Condition Reports

We can check your homes electrical condition.

We produce a report that will find any faults and rectify as needed. We provide this for any type of Residential or small commercial letting.

All reports will cover the electrical system with all tests conducted and reports are printed and emailed.

We can produce reports for both your personal domestic property that you live in but also for all those properties that you may have given on rent - otherwise known as Landlord Certificates.


Alarms & CCTV Systems

We can design and install a bespoke alarm and CCTV system.

The system can be independent and/or integrated together to prodive a comprehensive security system designed around you.

We create controls which are mobile so you can monitor and control whilst you are away and have complete peace of mind.

Contact us to get a personalised quote today.


Hardwired Network System

We can install within your property a dedicated CAT 5e/6 or 7 network system.

This will include a 'server room' or dedicated area for all your modems/routers and switches. From here branch cables will go to all the rooms that a connection is required, thus giving full hard wired internet access throughout your home.

Contact us for a personalised quote today.


Wireless Solutions

These days a lot of devices are just connected to the internet wirelessly. We all struggle sometimes to get the best possible signal.

This is where we can help in providing a better wireless internet signal throughout your home using dedicated wireless access points.

After surveying we would recommend the best system for your home that is capable of making sure that every member of your house is always online and at full internet speed.

Contact us for a personalised quote today.

YouTube Channel

I have a dedicated YouTube Channel where i upload all my videos to. These Videos are informational showing what Home Automation can do for you but also some tutorial videos so that you can create some of the Home Automation yourselves.
For those that need some help then please dont hesitate to contact me as we can provide an install and programming service.

Please click for my YouTube Channel.

About Us

Yorkshire Automation is here to provide an affordable Smart Home system for everyone. We have been working since 2015 to give the people of the UK an bespoke system just for them. Not only provides additional security and peace of mind but it offers financial savings by being energy efficient.

How many times has the room lights been left on when you have left the room?

How many times has the thermostat been left on high when you have gone on holiday?

These are just some of the areas where we have helped many clients be Smart and Save Money.

Be Smart and call us today for a no obligation quote.

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